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Typographer Gerwin AI
Published: July 7, 2022

We want to share with you our little development: a typographer that will help you beautifully format text in your documents. Typographer is running in beta mode and needs to be thoroughly tested.


  • Replacing quotation marks with """" and "''"
  • Spacing inches, apostrophes: 4′, 20″
  • Complex symbols: ellipses, copyrights, trademarks, arrows, etc.
  • Replacing hyphens with long dashes in texts and numeric ranges
  • Replacing hyphens with short dashes in telephone numbers
  • Arranging hyphens and multiplication marks
  • Tying numbers to other words with an unbroken hyphen, for example 40 parrots
  • Tying conjunctions and any words of 1-2 characters to subsequent words
  • Separation of units of measurement from numbers
  • Continuous spaces in abbreviations: e.g. will become etc.
  • Replacement of rub (with and without a dot at the end) by the ruble symbol
  • Replacing fractions 1/2, 1/3, etc. with existing Unicode symbols
  • Deletion of unnecessary spaces and line breaks
  • Arranging non-breaking spaces

If you have any questions during usage - send us email [email protected]