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API Gerwin
Updated: October 10, 2023

Attention, the API is in beta-testing mode. Requests are accepted in manual mode and in limited quantities

Work scheme


Before connecting the API, you need to top up your account balance with at least 1 000 000 credits. Next, to connect the API write to technical support [email protected]


Study the documentation on using the API in swagger or redoc.
At the moment there are 2 text generation languages available in the API 🇷🇺 Russian and 🇬🇧 English.
All skills available for working through the API are defined by the documentation.


To authenticate, pass your email address and password to the login method, you will receive a token in response. Further, all requests to the api must contain a token in the header, which is issued when you authenticate.

Use the API

In order to use the skills from the API you need to pass the token from the previous step in each request. After sending a request to a method, you get the ID and status of the task in response.


All tasks are executed in the background. You can use webhooks to automatically send the result of the task to your url address, which you specify in the callback parameter. To test how webhooks work you can use this website.
You can also get the status and the result of the task manually, using the method from the documentation.
The time to complete 1 task depends on many factors and may vary, but on average is up to 1 minute.

Limitation of usage

Our service API has a limit on the number of requests. From one account you can send no more than 1 request per 4 seconds.

Using the API

For all requests to work correctly, you must comply with a number of conditions:

  1. the balance of your account must always be positive
  2. Your account must not be blocked
  3. API must be connected to your account (contact technical support [email protected])
  4. All queries must be validated (checked to make sure the input data is complete correctly)
  5. Queries can be sent no more often than once every 4 seconds
  6. Requests must pass the content filter

Feel good to use,
Gerwin AI team!