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To start using the service, choose the credit package that suits you best

10 000

RUB 280
10 000 text characters
40 images
RUB 28 per thousand characters

25 000

RUB 560
25 000 text characters
100 images
RUB 22.4 per thousand characters

50 000

RUB 1,050
50 000 text characters
200 images
RUB 21 per thousand characters

100 000

RUB 1,900
100 000 text characters
400 images
RUB 19 per thousand characters

250 000

RUB 4,500
250 000 text characters
1 000 images
RUB 18 per thousand characters

500 000

RUB 8,000
500 000 text characters
2 000 images
RUB 16 per thousand characters

1 000 000

RUB 13,500
1 000 000 text characters
4 000 images
RUB 13.5 per thousand characters

2 500 000

RUB 30,500
2 500 000 text characters
10 000 images
RUB 12.2 per thousand characters

5 000 000

RUB 56,000
5 000 000 text characters
20 000 images
RUB 11.2 per thousand characters

15 000 000

RUB 150,000
15 000 000 text characters
60 000 images
RUB 10 per thousand characters
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free trial?

Yes, for every new user, we have a free credit test pack. Email our Telegram bot to get your promo code

How are the spent credits calculated?
Spent credits are calculated by counting each character of text that is generated with Gerwin, 1 credit is deducted for 1 character
How are image generation credits calculated?
For each generation of images 1000 credits are deducted from the account balance. One generation contains 4 images
Are there any restrictions on the use of credits?
Increase your limit at any time by purchasing any credit pack. Symbol usage periods are not limited by any time period
Do I have to subscribe to Gerwin PRO?
Subscription is not required. You can use the service without a subscription by buying credit packs without a discount
What does a «Gerwin PRO» subscription get you?
50,000 balance credits monthly, 40% discount on all credit packages and full access to closed service features. Read more
Are there any restrictions on content rights?
No, the content created under your account belongs to you, you are entitled to unlimited use
Are there any restrictions?
Yes, the built-in filter blocks content if it contains: pornography, extremism, violence and explicit cruelty
What do I do if I run out of available credits?
If your account runs out of credits, you will have access to your personal account, the smart editor, and all your documents, but you will not be able to use Gerwin to generate content

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