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  2. 🎅 December 2023 - Global Update
🎅 December 2023 - Global Update
Published: December 19, 2023

Gerwin will never be the same again ... Because the quality of text generation is now at a cosmic level! Texts have become many times more interesting and readable. Surprisingly, in many cases it is simply impossible to distinguish between generated text and human writing. Add expression and color to your writing with new styles, update information and customize the neural network using the knowledge base, and switch to Space mode for convenient work!

Global changes

  • Instant start of text generation
  • «Consider document context» function
  • «Use Knowledge Base» function
  • Free Prompts
  • New vertical interface mode
  • Text formatting during generation
  • Image generation format JPG or PNG
  • Significantly reduced the cost of image generation

«Space» mode

A new convenient mode of text generation, where the user can write his own queries to the neural network. The «Space» mode is available to everyone from the skills panel and has the following features:

  • User-defined queries of large length;
  • Query history is displayed in the ribbon;

Document Context

In Space mode, as well as in many skills, the «Take document context into account» feature has appeared. When the function is active (the checkbox is checked), your query will take into account the text that is inserted in the document editor. This makes it easier to form queries in Space-mode, for example, if you just need to continue an existing text or there is important information in the editor to write text for the query. In other skills, active document context will also help with writing with generation as part of an article or other task. Turn «Take Document Context into account» on or off as needed.

New «Personalization» section

In the new section, users can add their own knowledge base (detailed instructions). Use it to upload your actual data to the neural network. This can be data about your company, products, as well as the latest news, etc. The information you upload will help the neural network to write more relevant and up-to-date texts for you personally. At the moment the section is available only to users with an active «PRO» subscription.

New writing styles

The old and boring «Tone» is replaced by new interesting «Styles» for text generation:

  • Forbes, Business, Marketing Genius and Marketer 2.0 will help with solving your business problems;
  • British, Master of Metaphor and Eric Augustovsky will make your texts a real masterpiece of literature;
  • Children's Blogger, Investigator and Yellow Press will be needed for their respective tasks;
  • Millennial and Conversational will help you to be «close to the people»;
  • Negative, Neutral and Professor are styles for moderate writing;
  • Hater, Humorist and Kindly will add wit and zest to texts.

Test new features, make your texts really interesting and unique for the reader.

*With love,
Gerwin AI team