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๐ŸŒž Zymobor - March Update
Published: March 4, 2023

As always, thanks to user feedback, we've put together an unscheduled update that affects most of the features.

Request length for generating images - 255 characters

The query length has been increased, allowing you to fit more information and details into the picture description (prompt). The query length is now limited to 255 characters.

Generation of similar images

  • Based on any of the created images, you can now create 4 more similar variations of this image.
  • The button for starting this function is in the same context menu as the download and zoom buttons.
  • When you use the "similar images" function, 1200 credits are deducted from your account balance, you get the result in the form of 4 similar images.

Widescreen images 2:1

  • New aspect ratio available for generated images.
  • With the widescreen mode selected (2:1), the pictures will have a resolution of 1024x512 pixels before scaling is applied.
  • If scaling is applied to a widescreen picture, it will be available in 2048x1024px and 4096x2048px resolutions.

New PRO-rewrite up to 15 000 characters

  • Increased the length of characters for the text rewrite to 15,000 characters per input.
  • Increased the length of clips for rewriting from videos to 15 minutes, (longer videos - you can't choose yet).

More improvements on the new repricing

  • Added possibility to choose which elements of html markup should be used in the output text. Headings, lists, subheadings, quotes.
  • Added page navigation in the tasks of the rewrite.
  • Filtering on the statuses of the republishing tasks has been added.

And now, the biggest news...

Credits recalculation is available to all paid users!

  • From now on monthly recalculation is available for all paid users.
  • For PRO accounts, credit recalculation becomes daily.

Character recalculation instruction sheet

In order to send the result of the text generation for recalculation, you need to set the text "disliked" in the generation window. Please note that the recalculation feature is designed to return credits to the balance for blatantly low-quality text generation. The system will not take into account just texts you do not like. This is a very subjective metric, it can not be taken into account. Proceeds to the balance are displayed on this page of your personal cabinet, marked "Recalculating".

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