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๐Ÿ˜ป Big text skills update
Published: November 29, 2022

The most critical and significant text skills update since the first release. Most of the skills have been completely updated, with special attention paid to the length of the generated text. Users are strongly encouraged to test all skills in use in the new format. The results may pleasantly surprise you.

Main changes to a selection of the service's most popular skills:

Few paragraphs

Quick paragraphs and texts that are used to supplement articles and as small texts in their own right. Paragraphs will result in more interesting and varied writing. Applies to a very wide range of tasks.

Expanded article from the plan

The AI copywriter is now more likely to take into account all the points of your article plan and will definitely write something on each point. The overall length of the plan article is much more likely to be close to the maximum length on the output.

Long Article

One of the newest skills that allowed you to quickly write a coherent, interesting text over 1500 characters. Now, much more often the output will exceed a value of 2,000 or even 2,500 characters. Moreover, the very construction of writing style and text structure will seem more entertaining to the reader.

Product description

An important and necessary skill for eCommerce and product themes. Once updated, the number of characters for the description on the output will almost always not only exceed 500 characters, but more often than not aim for 1000. You can always add "Product Features" and "Product Advantages" to the description. Recall that for tasks for thousands and tens of thousands of products there is API.

Rewriting (Rephrase)

The updated quality of the rewrite will pleasantly surprise you. Levenshtein's distance will show by an order of magnitude better results than before. At the same time in almost 99,5% of cases it is possible to preserve the meaning, dates, and other data completely.

Blog Post Headlines and clickbaits

Headlines for articles, as well as their clickbait variants, take on an incredible new level of variety. The neural network will do its best to engage the reader. Recommended for use, especially since the number of characters output for generating headlines has an actual paltry cost.

Feel good to use,
Gerwin AI team! โค๏ธ