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Character Recalculation in «Gerwin PRO»

Every user, not often, but faces the problem of "bad generation". Happens when a neural network didn't understand user request correctly, or when you're generating it again, the neural network created the same text.

In both cases, characters are wasted by the user. But characters cost money, and we use the "character recalculation policy". The service has a "bad generation monitoring system".

How does it work?

The system works automatically, but it is monitored by a specially trained moderator, which allows us to determine for each user an accurate enough percentage of the characters spent during the period to return the wasted characters to the balance at the end of the period.

How to use?

To participate in the monitoring system, use the 👍 👎 (like/dislike) characters in the upper right corner of the generated content block.

That being said, don't try to abuse negative ratings in hopes that you might get 100% characters back. This will not happen, we know that the neural network generates quality content in the vast majority of cases, especially if you are careful enough to generate queries.

When are the characters returned?

The user receives a refund in characters per account, on a one-time (monthly) basis depending on the date of the active «Gerwin PRO» subscription.

What if my subscription is canceled?

The moment you cancel your subscription for some reason, the recalculation feature stops working and the characters will not be recalculated on your account.

How do I activate it?

The character recalculation feature is available to all users with an active subscription «Gerwin PRO» automatically.